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What draws and keeps people in the Denison area can best be answered by "quality of life."  Our area has built on ample resources, and true to its history continues to be warm and welcoming, a comfortable mix of technology and tradition.  Some of the world's best scenery, educational institutions, and close proximity to major metropolitan areas including, Ames, Des Moines, Omaha and Sioux City, make Denison an attractive and desirable place to work, live and raise a family.  Housing in the county includes a variety of options, from single family homes to apartments.  The median home value in Denison is between $80,000 and $85,000.  The median monthly rental is $450. For more information on available homes, condos, apartments and lots contact our local realtors.

If you are looking at buying, renting or building in the Denison area please look at the following pages for professional realtors, landlords and building contractors and services businesses.

Housing Incentives - Urban Revitalization Plan For more information on the following programs contact the Building Inspector at Denison City Hall (712) 263-3143.

City of Denison Tax Abatement Program Qualify for five-year partial property tax exemption for new property and improvements made to existing property.  It proceeds as follows:  80 percent-year one, 70 percent-year tow, 60 percent-year three, 50 percent-year four and 40 percent-year five.

Denison Municipal Utilities New Housing Assistance Program Any and all fees, charges, aids in construction payments will be discounted 90 percent off the normal amount DMU would collect from the builder/developer on new home or apartment complex construction.  Restrictions apply.  In no case shall the amount of the discount exceed $3,500 per home or apartment complex (not individual apartments).