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In February 2009, according to the State of Iowa Publication for unemployment rates, Crawford Counties unemployment rate was roughly half the national average at 4.6%. Many consider this full employment when job transitions and seasonal conditions are considered.

In the fourth quarter of 2008 personal income for Iowans increased by 5.7%, exports of goods in the 1st quarter of 08 were up 27% and Farmland values increased by 7%. These statistics say a lot about Iowa it's work environment and the work ethic of Iowa's workforce.

Crawford Counties population is projected to stay about the same using projections by Iowa Trends through the year 2030, this while many rural areas are declining in population.

From 2006 to 2007 Crawford County Residents saw a 2,600 dollar rise in median income, the median income rose from $39,107 to $41,713. 

Referenced from: Iowa Workforce Development News and Trends

Statistics don't tell the whole story however. In Denison, "It Truly is a Wonderful Life!"  Many of Denisons residents are transplanted from other communities and have chosen to begin or continue their careers here. With reasonable employment rates and a sought after lifestyle, Denison is a real find for many seeking a better way of life.

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